Bob Lemoine Passed away

As I wait for my turn and we all wait for ours, unfortunately my so dear friend, Bob Lemoine, left us too early. But who are we to decide? It is only God's will. 

I am so grateful for this man who opened the doors to Haitian cinema, with whom I made my first cinema internship while at the University of Miami. Bob Lemoine is the first director I allowed to direct me. I am so happy I gave him personally, publicly, at his presence and his absence, my many thanks while he was still alive for it wouldn't mean much to me to praise him now that he has passed away. RIP Bob Lemoine
Haitian cinema will remember you. 

His last job, beside his online tv shows and the movies he was working on, was at Haitian Digital Television owned by Mr Claude Mancuso, where he was the newscaster. He felt sick last week and could not do the show. He went to the hospital to be checked out but fell in a coma. He passed away last night. 

To his wife Rollie Coradin Lemoine, the co-star of "Dozado" with me, one of the last productions of Bob Lemoine, to his children and relatives, please accept the sincere sympathies of the members of the Haitian American Association of Filmmakers, of my wife Esther, I.

We will keep you updated on the funeral service of Mr Bob Lemoine, a great Haitian, a great Haitian filmmaker.